Let's Talk Signage!

There are a lot of details to plan when it comes to your dream wedding -- okay, so maybe that's an understatement! From the big things like the venue and photographer to the smaller items like centerpieces and take-home favors, it's safe to say you have a full plate. What some don't realize is that the smallest details can have a massive impact on your guests' experience and the structure of your wedding day. Signage is often one of the last details that couples plan for, but it makes a huge difference on the flow of your day. Let's have a chat -- all about signage!

What is signage?

Signage at your wedding or event helps communicate with your guests, without you (or your MOH, MOB, etc.) having to verbally give instructions or tell everyone what's next. While you can *technically* put anything on a sign, the popular choices include welcome signs, ceremony seating signs, food labels, bar menus, guestbook and gift table signs, seating charts, and order-of-events signage. Nowadays there is even a need for pandemic-related event signage to communicate expectations regarding face masks, sanitizing, and social distance protocol.

Why do we need it?

Quality signage serves you and your guests in two ways: function and design.

Let's tackle that first feature: function.

Clear signage gives your guests guidance and eliminates confusion and uncertainty!

No two weddings are the same, and each couple decides to structure their day differently. To keep your guests in-the-know about what's coming next, where to sit, where to leave gifts, etc. you need signage to communicate these things. You can also use signage to thank your guests for being present for such a huge day! Let them leave feeling loved and appreciated.

Beyond your guests' experience during the ceremony and reception, this saves you, your close family, and bridal party a lot of trouble! With proper visual communications, this frees up time and energy so that your closest people can enjoy the day as well.

Signage gets everyone on the same page, and your ceremony and reception can operate seamlessly.

Next up: design.

Good signage complements and amplifies your other decor, playing on the theme and feel of your wedding.

It can be as understated or bold as you'd like!

Wood signage coordinates well with rustic and garden themes; acrylic is sleek and modern for the glam wedding; antique pieces come with unique vintage vibes, and chalkboards offer a universal goes-with-anything look. Because signage is so highly customizable, it's easy to build into your decor budget and let it serve double duty. We can even plan to create a piece that doubles as decor in your newlywed abode!

How can we start planning our signage?

Begin by prioritizing. What aspects of your wedding day are most important to you? What are the details that are worth an investment for you and your sweetie? Make a short list - maybe 2-3 items!

Next, imagine yourself as a guest at your own wedding. Mentally walk through your day, visualizing the setting and details. Is there anything that might be confusing, any time you might be unsure of where to go or what to do next? Is there an easy way to find your table? What are the small personalized details you would notice on the table or in the decor? Is there anything that makes your day stand out, or something that makes it unique to your relationship? Make a list of these things as well!

Now evaluate your budget. There are signage options (at Whimsically Warm and with other vendors!) for every price point. It helps to include this as part of your decor budget! If you are working with a planner or decorating service, be sure to ask them for options and/or for finding the right signage.

Why should we choose Whimsically Warm for our signage?

I work hard to give each and every couple a totally personalized experience! Every sign is handmade and calligraphed with a completely original design. No two signs are every the same -- perfect to reflect you and your honey. Many of our couples choose to create something that will be used at their wedding and as

decor in their new home, pulling double duty.

Signage offerings include wood, paper, acrylic, and chalkboard signs; or you can bring me a unique item to write on as well!We also offer signage rentals as a convenient option for local couples. Maybe you're looking for something vintage and unique. or maybe signage is a detail that slipped your mind until the last minute -- either way, we've got you covered! Fees include the rental, design work, and delivery to you or your venue. The process couldn't be easier, and we're adding new items to the rental catalog all the time.


  • Signage is super important for your big day! It helps you, your close family/bridal party, and your guests, saving time and stress so you can all enjoy the day.

  • Signage acts as part of your decor, complementing your theme / colors. Make it all your own!

  • Plan your signage by setting priorities, visualizing your day and any potential rough spots, and set aside a budget.


Happy wedding planning, friends! Leave a comment and let us know -- what is one sign you have to have at your wedding?