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My Brush Lettering Basics workshops offer a fun instructional experience for you and your group. Whether you (and your girls!) are artistic and crafty or are just looking for a fresh, new group activity, a lettering workshop is the perfect way to spend a few hours having fun and learning a new skill together. Venues and dates vary. Check the events calendar to find one right for you, or contact me to host a private event!


Brush Lettering Basics

Intro Class 

*Upcoming dates& locations listed on event calendar.

Class Size: 10-15 people

Pricing: dependent upon class size; inquire for a quote


Class members will learn the basics of modern brush lettering including basic strokes, the lowercase alphabet letterforms, and how to connect letters to form words. Guests will work on a take-home project to show off their new skills!


Class members will leave with all the right tools to further develop their lettering practice, including a Brush Lettering Basics workbook, tracing paper, a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen, their take-home card, and a personalized folder to hold your lettering supplies.

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-  Frequently Asked Questions  -

​I want to learn calligraphy, but I've never tried it before and I don't know where to start.

This class was design specifically for true beginners. Even if your handwriting isn't the best, this class is for you!


I’m left handed. Can I learn calligraphy?


How long until I’m good at this?

Brush lettering is a learned skill and takes time and loads of practice to perfect. Your growth in these new skills is dependent upon your practice time! Just as you can't learn to play the piano from one lesson and no practice, good hand lettering skills will take time to develop.

I can no longer attend the workshop I signed up for, what can I do?

While this workshop is non-refundable, you can transfer your seat to a future beginner's class or transfer your seat to someone else. Just let us know which option you prefer.

I want to attend this workshop but I can't make it to any of the dates offered. What can I do?

Fill out the Say hello/Ask a question form at the top of this page and we'll be happy to talk to you about some options! If there are 10+ people, we'll schedule another workshop to accommodate.

How many people are in each workshop and will I receive one-one-one attention?

No more than 15 people will attend the workshop in order to ensure you receive individual attention.

I would love to enroll my child in your class, what is your minimum age for students?

Introduce a child to calligraphy, and you'll open him/her up to a world of penmanship, which is especially important at a time when cursive writing is being eliminated from many schools across the country. We recommend that your child be at least thirteen years old, but only you know whether or not your child is ready for this workshop!